20 Nov

Wedding Astrology; choosing a wedding date

The main thing that you always have to keep in mind is that Wedding Astrology is not capable of providing you a very happy and expected married life. Your married life is always under your control. You both should agree to be dedicated and give your maximum effort on making your married life a better one. Compatibility of both of your horoscopes and zodiac signs and certain matching characteristic qualities in both of you will be analyzed in Wedding Astrology and you will be able to get a clear picture of how you’re wedding and married life is going to be.

History of Wedding Astrology spreads many centuries back. Shang Dynasty in Bronze Age is considered as the origin of Wedding Astrology in China. In Rome, Turkey, England and all over Europe, people had a tradition of appointing luck dates and auspicious time durations, not only before weddings, but also before all other important tasks are carried out. So basic rules and tradition in Wedding Astrology are about 2000 year old which makes them unable to be ignored and thrown away as they have survived all these millennia because of a very good reason.

Choosing your wedding date is a very important part in Wedding Astrology. By having a well chosen wedding date you will be able to make your wedding day successful, happier and smooth. You might have some priorities for your wedding in your mind, such as love, children, career, or sometimes pride and publicity. Whatever target you have, it will be easier for you to achieve them by choosing a correct auspicious time for your wedding. This also affects hugely to the wedded life you expect to live after getting married. It will be full of love and happiness if you chose your wedding date well. Well don’t worry if you chose your wedding date during a Mercury or Venus retrograde or an eclipse. There will be certain consequences following, but there are methods in Wedding Astrology to avoid every obstacle in your way cleaning your way to a happy and everlasting married life.

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