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Virgo Love Horoscope – 2013

Virgo natives will exhibit their intelligence and memory when they are quite young. The ruler of this sign is Mercury which is the sign of intelligence.They are middle sized and exhibit taste in art and literature.Their chest will be prominent.

Virgo born natives are discriminating, impulsive and emotional. They are also carried away by impulses. They are cautious regarding their interest and are prudent, economical, diplomatic and shrewd.

Virgo are a perfect writers. They love music and fine arts and acquire much power and influence over other people. They are liable to suffer nervous breakdown.

Virgo natives are lucky as far as their life partner is concerned. Love life is no

Virgo Love Horoscope-2013

Virgo – January 2013 to March 2013

Virgo is an intellectual sign and is more prone to intellectual activities. Hence, they are not very efficient in love and relationship building. They are a devoted and dedicated mate and they build long lasting relations. During this period, Venus the ambassador of love is placed in their 5th house i.e. the house of emotions and feelings. Therefore, the love relationships will improve during this period. Jupiter the lord of 7th house is also in the eighth house and indicates mixed results.

Virgo – April 2013 to June 2013

Virgo born natives love to have a clean and calm home with good bank balance. They will develop relationship with prosperous rich man or woman during this period. If Virgo born native is looking for marriage in this quarter it will be delayed due to the placement of Sun. Virgo natives are totally confused and under deep pressure during this period. If they have high blood pressure the period is little risky.

Virgo – July 2013 to September 2013

The retrograded Saturn has shifted back to the Zodiac and Mars from the other side in the Ninth house. On the other hand, Venus in the eleventh house and Jupiter placed in the house of profession. All this placement has put love and relationship to the back seat. Virgo spouse will bring some fortune during this quarter.

Virgo – October 2013 to December 2013

This quarter for Virgo born native is fortunate in making love and building new relations secretly. But, chances are that they might get along with a wrong company. Virgo native should be tactful to get away from building up love relations with a low person from opposite sex. They struggle a lot for near and dear ones. Virgo natives are more concerned with the love and relationship mentally than physically.  They might feel averted for responsibility which pops up on their head abruptly.

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