7 Jul

Taurus Ascendant and seventh house

Taurus is the second zodiac ruled by Venus. Taurus is symbolized by a Bull in a ring with a toreador. Taurus born native are peace-loving seeking the gentle meadows filled with flowers and natural beauty. Taurus are determined, simple and stable.

The major characteristics of Taurus are solidity, practicality, extreme determination and strength. Taurus born natives willingly and loyally follow the leader they trust.

The motto of Taureans is “Take care of the senses and everything else will take care of itself.” This depicts that¬† the individual attraction to the object is less as compared to the pleasure that object bring to the senses. For Taurus, the priorities are comfort living, working space is important to Taurus, along with it good clothing, food and music.

Planets in 7th of Taurus born native

Sun placed in the seventh house of Taurus indicates late marriage, trouble in marriage. Such Taureans are fond of traveling and inclined towards foreign things. The life partner’s character is questionable.

Moon placed in seventh house indicates passions, fond of other sex, handsome partner, , successful and Jealous. Moon in Seventh house make Taurus native social.

Mars placed in the Seventh house indicates two marriage or friction with partner, stubborn, tensions in married life.

Mercury in the seventh house of Taurus indicates diplomatic, success in early life, early marriage, handsome life partner, dutiful and short tempered, learned in astrology.

Jupiter in seventh house indicate good life partner,  gain through life partner, speculative mind and sensitive. Pilgrimage to distant places.

Venus in seventh house from Taurus indicates passionate, unhealthy habits, happy marriage. Such Taureans are very much inclined towards sex pleasure.

Saturn in the seventh house from Taurus indicates more than one wife, sickly, colic pains, ambitious, political success. Such people get foreign honnour. They are addicted to low caste woman.

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