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Saturn – seven and half years effect

Saturn is considered as the son of the ”Sun’ in mythology.  Saturn takes the maximum time to transit through one sign. Saturn takes almost 30 months to transit through one sign. Saturn is the planet who is bound to judge the good and bad deeds of mankind. Actually Saturn has been give the duty as the judge to keep the account of deeds. The judgement is given during the seven and half years from the 12th position from the natal Moon to the 2nd house from Moon. For instance, if your Moon sign is Scorpio the seven and half years starts when the Saturn enters in Libra and continues for next approx 90 months till Saturn leaves Sagittarius.

Saturn in seven and half years

It is believed that This seven and half years of Saturn falls maximum 3 times in an individual’s life. The first time 71/2 years in life effect the parents of the native and the health.The second 71/2 years effect the finance and the life partners health mental state of the individual. The third 71/2 years mainly effects the health of the individual. The difference between one 71/2  and the next 71/2 years is almost 30 years.

The 71/2 year of Saturn are least troublesome for Taurus, Libra and Aquarius and Capricorn. Since Saturn is the most beneficial planet for Taurus and Libra so during its 71/2 years Saturn may even produce the best results for them . That is the reason the benefic period in Saturn is highly benefic for tauruss and Libra born natives and the malafic period is neutral period for them . While it is most harming for Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aries.  The 71/2 years for Gemini and Virgo are with medium bad effect.

Scientifically it is believed that since Moon is a soft and benefic planet and when Saturn reaches with the 45 degress distance the malefic effect of Saturn malifies the Moon leading to malefic thoughts and consequently malefic actions with malefic results. Actually Saturn is so huge that which ever sign it transit it overshadows the rest of the neighboring zodiacs.

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