16 Nov

Palmistry- Heart line, Life line and Head line

The twelve main lines in palmistry include heart line, life line and head line which are the most important of all of them. These three lines altogether can give you a very clear image of your life to you.

The heart line suggests the plan of your love life in palmistry. You can find your heart line directly below the bases of your four last fingers. It is directly connected to love and relationships that you make in your life. Different properties of these lines give different meanings. If it curves strongly below your index finger or middle finger, it means that you have a very deep desire for sex. Your heart line might have several branches. In this case the number of branches in the heart line represents the number of faces and characters you have in your emotional life. When your heart line ends right below your middle finger, which is a very rare situation, it shows the need you have for love. However if you have a strong desire for sex and not for love, your heart line will be short and straight. According to palmistry you will be severely hurt in your love life if a branch of your heart line points downward and touches the life line.

Next is the Life line, which is the boundary running downwards separating your thumb from your palm. In palmistry life line doesn’t tell us how long you will live. Instead it will show us how you will live your life. If your life line runs closer to your thumb, that shows the low energy within you which makes you exhausted quickly. The wider the curve becomes the more energy and tolerance power within you. If it has branches, then you must love to travel. Weaker and more fade the life line become, the weaker you are in health. If it is much prominent and deeper than the head line, you are better in physical strength than in mental strength.

The last of them is the Head Line. You can find it right below the heart line. In palmistry, you can get an idea about how your mind works, by analyzing the nature of your head line more carefully. If you carefully look at it you will find some of these in it. A slope in your head line suggests that you are very creative. If it has more curves and twists then your mind is always open to new and fresh ideas. But if it is exactly horizontal then you might not have creative thinking, but be happy; you are much practical than others. Straightness of your head line shows how direct and thorough you are when concentrating on something. Broken and lost nature of your head line tells us that you don’t pay attention most of the time.

Now as you know a lot about palmistry, why don’t you try some palmistry on your own? It will be very easy and just like horoscope reading. The tips given above will be very helpful for you to try your own palmistry at home

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