16 Jun

Number 3 compatibility with others

Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter  the plant of Self respect and religion. Those natives born with Number 3 as the primary number are dynamic in nature. They are cheerful and are born with artistic skills. Number 3 born natives are happy go lucky and outgoing.

Compatibility of Number 3

Number 3 with 1:

1 and 3 have excellent compatibility. Both  coordinate well with each other as life partners. They support and encourage each other in all situations of life. Overall a perfect combination.

Number 3 with 2:

Number 3 bring joy and happiness in the life of those born as primary number 2. They make the life easy for their partner. They maintain the stability and balance the emotional levels during tough times. Overall a good compatibility.

Number 3 with 3:

Number 3 has good compatibility with the same number partner except few clash of interests and fight for achievements. If they control their aggression and understand the interest of each other the results can be excellent.

Number 3 with 4:

Both Number 3 and 4 want to enjoy the life to the maximum. Since Natives born with primary number as 4 lack organization skills, the harmony between them is disturbed. Number 4 has to work hard to develop  organizational skills in their relationships to make the partnership go well.

Number 3 with 5:

If number 5 works at being a little more open with 3 both will find some benefit. Due to lack of openness and mistrust the relationship can be spoiled during tough situations.

Number 3 with 6:

This partnership goes very well provided the financial management is perfect. This is important because both 3 and 6 have overspending nature. Guard against problems in managing finances, and all should be well.

Number 3 with 7:

3 and 7 both are complementary to each other and both understand each other very well. The overspending nature and outgoing extravert personality is balanced by the meditative, introspective personality of 7.

Number 3 with 8:

People born with primary number 8 are conflicting and exaggerate their self importance. Number 3 has a good sense of humor and have the capability of  controlling the negative factors of number 8. If they can manage to do that things can be favorable.

Number 3 with 9:

The relationship between Number 3 and 9 born natives improve the quality of life. The high]] demands from the partner if in limits is favorable but when crosses the limit leads to frustration and oppression. Both have to understand each other’s limits and adjust accordingly.

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