20 May

Leo Man – Compatibility with Aquarius Woman

Leo Man is ruled by the planet of creative force, The Sun while Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Both the zodiacs are dissimilar in various ways but still the relationship compatibility between the two zodiac signs is pretty decent. Lion is generous, vivacious, kind and affectionate and this attracts the Water Bearer. On the other hand, Aquarian Woman has the ability  to  impress the Leo Man with her individuality, intellect and confidence. Since both the signs are almost contrasting they attract each other with their diverse qualities.  Both, Leo Man and Aquarius Woman  are quite social and love to be the centre of attraction where ever they are.

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman

Personally, a Leo Man desires much more intensity in a relationship than an Aquarian woman. The Aquarian Woman  teach the Leo Man to take things casually as it comes and Leo Man keep reminding his partner to take life seriously. The Leo Man is attracted towards Aquarius woman at first sight. The chemistry between them is great.

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman have a perfect start of relationship. But, to sustain this relation long lasting they need to keep a check on their ego and refrain from being too strong-headed. Leo once in love devotes everything but Aquarian has a carefree attitude, this can detach them after a period of time.

This is because he gets too attached and she remains too detached. Both of them need to walk a bit towards each other. He will have to respect her freedom and individuality and she will have to understand his need for closeness. He is concerned about himself, and she, about the whole world. They will have to find a middle ground from which to work.

Leo Woman and Aquarius Man

Leo woman has more intimacy in the relation as compared Aquarius Man. Aquarius believes that the whole world is his friend and to get in the bondage of marriage is not worthy. Leo woman has to intentionally tie him down in a relationship and keep him equally involved in the relationship. Aquarius Man has to give the due love an d affection to the Leo Partner to satisfy the ego of Leo woman. From time to time Leo requires a dose of compliments, flattery, this can keep them all the time devoted and dedicated. The eccentricity of Aquarius with powerful attitude of Leo makes this relation healthy and crispy.

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