Scorpio Aquarius Compatibility

Scorpio Aquarius Compatibility

The practical nature of the Aquarius is likely to clash with the far more emotional nature of the Scorpio. Both signs can also be very stubborn which could obviously lead to serious difficulties. The unpredictability of the Aquarius will not be easy for the Scorpio to accommodate and they, in turn, may quickly be put off by Scorpio’s jealous passions. Without a considerable amount of work, this has the makings of a short and fiery relationship rather than an enduring partnership.

There is certainly enough mystery for an initial attraction between the pair. The Scorpio will love the sharp and imaginative mind of the Aquarius who will be enticed by the passion of the Scorpio. Both the Aquarius and the Scorpio can be very strong willed, so they will need be able combine their forces in order to achieve a working relationship. The Scorpio can be extremely emotional and passionate whereas the Aquarius prefers to take a step back and be free to share interests with others. If the Scorpio attempts to dominate this could cause the Aquarius to flee quite rapidly.

The Scorpio seeks a very intense and intimate form of love which does not come naturally to the Aquarius. The Scorpio will almost certainly struggle to deal with the slightly detached Aquarius and it is unlikely their emotional needs can be easily met in this pairing. There may not be a lot of room for diplomacy in smoothing things over so this relationship could become quite volatile. It is asking a lot for either of these two to accept a compromise as both can be very stubborn. In order for this couple to last the test of time it will be much more a case of “live and let live”.

However, if there is a physical spark between these two powerful personalities there is every prospect of very passionate lovemaking. Although the Aquarius has something of a reputation of being a little cold, they are capable of being sensitive and extremely loyal. On the face of it, they may appear too far apart in their personal traits be naturally compatible but, if they are able to delight in each other’s differences there is just a chance of creating something special. This will require an immense amount of trust to allow one another the freedom to pursue outside friendships and activities without the specter of jealousy, almost certainly originating from the Scorpio, encroaching on the relationship. If they can turn their mutual admiration into something stronger then they could each benefit, both inside and outside the relationship.

Summarizing Scorpio Aquarius Compatibility

The Scorpio and the Aquarius is a very difficult match. There will inevitably be conflicts and the decisive element will be learning how best to deal with them. If both are able to adapt and accept the other for what they are, then this is a relationship that can result in a powerful union. The odds will be against them but there is always an exception to the rule!

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