Pisces Leo Compatibility

Pisces Leo Compatibility

The Pisces and the Leo have several opposing personality traits but they can be turned into positives. The Pisces will be happy to allow the Leo to adopt the leading role in the things but may ultimately find their more slightly domineering style disconcerting. The Pisces are not very good at expressing their feelings and their slightly mystical nature will at first intrigue but later confuse the Leo.

The Leo thrives on attention and the more reticent Pisces may curtail their outgoing nature. Romantically there may some initial curiosity but these two signs are so very different that confusion will be a frequent obstacle. When problems do occur it is difficult to see how these two are going to resolve them and it makes for an uncomfortable pairing.

For this relationship to succeed, both the Pisces and the Leo are going to have to make considerable allowances. The Pisces does not share the need for competition on which the Leo thrives but may be able to provide the adoration. The Leo loves being the center of attention whilst the Pisces tends to shy away from it. This should enable the Leo to step up to the dominant role but, although the Pisces can be passive, they are not averse to voicing their opinions.

Socially, the Leo is far more concerned with making new friends and associates than the Pisces. The only concern here would be whether the Pisces will be happy to allow the Leo to exercise their free socializing nature. Both signs are romantic by nature and can be extremely passionate so there are good prospects for their love life. Whether this can be developed into a long-term relationship is open to debate.

Both enjoy a vivid imagination and a natural sense of fun. While things are going well then the Leo and Pisces will make the most of it. The problems begin when the more serious aspects of daily life are taken into account. Leo’s constant need for approval may prove draining for the Pisces and the sensitive Pisces could prove similarly exhausting for the Leo.

Summarizing Pisces Leo Compatibility

The best prospects for this pairing lie in their sense of fun and you can see them having a very exciting, although possibly brief, time together. Each possesses qualities that appear slightly magical to the other but the test will be once the initial attraction starts to wane. If they make efforts to fully understand their natural differences there is a chance that this unusual pairing could make their relationship last but it is not guaranteed. The success or failure of this relationship may hinge on whether or not they can meet on an emotional level. Whilst the Pisces will admire the strength of the Leo they will not want to be completely dominated. The Leo will have to learn to be tolerant of the more emotional Pisces or they may find themselves on a very short fuse.

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