Leo Libra Compatibility

Leo Libra Compatibility

The Leo and Libra zodiac signs have plenty of common personality traits and this pairing has excellent compatibility. They both crave love and romance and like to live life to the full so there will be no shortage of passion between this pair. They are both social creatures too so they should have a wonderful time wining and dining in the early throes of romance. Where there are differences, they can merge them quite successfully to the benefit of the relationship. The stubborn nature of the Leo will be balanced by the more flexible approach of the Libra. The Libra is also perfectly able to handle the Leo with their qualities of tact and diplomacy. All things considered, the prospects are excellent for a loving and exciting love match between these two signs.

Both the Leo and the Libra are firm believers in love and romance and there is likely to be a strong initial attraction. There are likely to be plenty of romantic gestures as neither will hold back on expressing their emotions and will want their partner to feel special. There could also be great physical chemistry great between this duo, as they are both highly passionate. The great compatibility of their love match is indicated by the number of qualities that complement one another. Both of them enjoy the finer things in life and firmly believe in living in the present and making every minute count.

There is every chance that they will feel so comfortable in each other’s company that bring out the very best in one another. The Leo will admire the Libra for their intellect and sophistication and the Libra will be enticed by the passion of the Leo. Once fully committed to a relationship, the Libra makes a very affectionate partner and the Leo will lap up the attention with relish. The Leo loves to show off a little and the Libra will enjoy watching them. The Leo will probably play the dominant role in the relationship and the Libra is usually happy to go along with a secondary role, providing of course they retain their equality within the partnership. This element is vital to the success of this love match. The Libra strongly believes in a shared vision for their perfect life partner and they cannot be pulling in different directions.

Summarizing Leo Libra Compatibility

If there is a negative aspect to this relationship it may be that both tend to be a little possessive. They will also need to guard against over-exuberance as you can have too much of a good thing! The Libra will have to bring a little balance to their lives so that they are prepared for the rainy days. The Leo will have to understand the need for some stability in their relationship and not feel threatened by the Libra’s efforts in that direction. As much as the Leo would like it to be, life cannot be an endless round of parties. If they make the effort to develop the relationship beyond the initial attraction there are prospects for a loving and exciting future together.

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