Leo Capricorn Compatibility

Leo Capricorn Compatibility

The personality traits of the Leo and the Capricorn do not offer a great deal of hope in terms of compatibility. A Capricorn is not very emotional and may appear too distant for the Leo who is usually warm and passionate. Their outlook on life is completely different with the Leo living for the moment and the Capricorn squirreling away funds for the future. The Leo enjoys adulation and flattery but will not receive too much of this from the Capricorn. On the plus side, they are both capable of a committed and loyal relationship but they will have to learn to love one another rather than try to change. An awful lot of compromise may be needed for this partnership to function successfully.

The characteristics of the Leo and the Capricorn are extremely difficult to match. They have many more differences than similarities. The Capricorn does not find it easy to trust others and their lack of emotion will be disconcerting for the Leo. The Capricorn will not necessarily be attracted by the forces that normally drive a Leo on, appearing to need attention and adulation. They will also be perturbed by the Leo’s attitude of living for the moment with seemingly no regard for the future. There are obvious rifts between this pair in terms of compatibility and it is not easy to see how they might bridge the gaps.

There does not even appear to be the attraction of opposites between this pair. It is of course possible that a physical attraction might bring this unlikely duo to each other’s attention but there seems no obvious prospects for a long term relationship. If they connect on a physical level it is much more likely to be a brief encounter than a romantic affair. There does not seem to be any emotional compatibility between the pair. If we do try to put these two together for the long-term there would inevitably be some developments to help them survive. The Capricorn could learn to enjoy the moment whilst the Leo could acquire a little restraint and some forward planning. One thing in their favor is that both are loyal and committed once they are in love and, if they have that determination to succeed, they could conceivably make a go of it. It will require an awful lot of “give and take” but you can never rule it out completely.

Summarizing Leo Capricorn Compatibility

In summary, the Leo and the Capricorn is one of the most unlikely of all love matches in terms of compatibility. Although they each possess different personal traits that, theoretically, could be combined for the good of the relationship, it is difficult to see the desire to make this happen. It seems too much of a leap of faith to expect the Leo to adapt to the Capricorn or visa versa. Of course, there is always the exception to the rule but, in general, this is one pairing that we find it very difficult to recommend.

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