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Thread: What is this Natal Astrology?

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    What is this Natal Astrology?

    What is this Natal Astrology all about, I have heard it couple times before but never seen or used it, is there anyone familiar with this can share some info on it?

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    As far as I know the philosophy behind it is that a person's characteristics is determined by a natal chart which is a kind of a map of the universe, and that particular person is in the center. The chart includes the date and location of birth of this person.

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    Very interesting read, I have never heard of Natal Astrology before now

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    I just clicked on the link. Where is the info on Natal astrology? This is new to me and I would need more info.

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    Here's a bit of info; not a whole lot but it gives you an idea!

    Short snippet:

    Natal charts are a major part of astrology. It is a birth chart that shows the positions of the planets, moons, stars, and constellations and the exact time of your birth. Natal charts are much more complex that simple horoscopes because they include so much more data. It is believed that your natal chart is the best view into your natural character and tendencies.
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