Wednesday Daily Love Horoscope

Wednesday is the day of the Scorpio New Moon. This is a very exciting time for those signs affected during this day. Tonight, when the moon aligns with Jupiter and Pluto, singles everywhere may have a special someone catch their eye. It might be someone you have known for a long time that you begin to view in a different light, or it could be a mysterious new stranger that happens to cross your path. Either way, tonight is not the night for singles to be indoors. A word of caution however, while sparks might fly hard and fast with your new person of interest, be sure to keep it light at the beginning. Getting to know and understand each other better may create a longer lasting and stronger relationship in the long run, as well as potentially saving you from some short term drama.

As the stars continue to align with the coming months, many projects that have been labored upon endlessly will finally begin to bear fruit. Persistence is key here; you’ll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon – don’t give up!

This Wednesday also brings special consideration to the following signs:

Sagittarius: Lately you have been spending a tremendous amount of time trying to keep your personal relationship balanced with your inner desires and needs. A situation is coming that will drastically alter your perception of what will work and what will not work. You will be confused and frantic at first while you are trying to figure out what to do, but the best thing for you to do is just take a deep breath, relax, and wait and see how things play out. We know this might be very hard for you to do in this potentially tense situation, but have faith; the situation is going to return to normal much more quickly than it appears. Once this happens, you will find the clarity you have been searching for and the balance you have been desiring will finally come.

Libra: Your patience could be put to the test in a major way when your partner starts behaving oddly. They may seem restless and very distance with you, not speaking, and not acknowledging anything is wrong. In your heart, you know that is not the case, so follow your gut instinct and get to the bottom of the situation. Your partner will be resistant at first, maybe even a little apprehensive, but in the end you will both feel better by being open an honest with each other. There is a very positive change coming at the end of all of this, so be ready and keep the faith.

Virgo: Mystery and Illusion is in the air today, so it is best to keep on your toes. While you and your partner are expecting great change, you must be sure to remember to be prepared for anything. Normality and regularity might not be possible on a day like today. It is best for you to go with the flow and defy convention as much as possible. The results could turn into a spectacular revelation that will be quite unforgettable, at least to you. You must make sure to go against the grain however, because doing what others expect of you could lead to disastrous results.

Aquarius: Prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise! Your love for new experiences will be heavily put to the test soon. While deep inside you will probably feel that you would have liked to advance notice of the upcoming events, because you will see any of this coming even in your wildest dreams, it is best for you to embrace the great change. You are closer to becoming truly in tune with yourself, your partner, and most importantly your inner spirit. Not embracing this great change could result in your circumstances changing for the worse. Your partner will be hesitant, but with some gentle prodding from you a great adventure is coming. Be excited and be prepared to do whatever you have to keep the ball rolling. This could also help many of the people that are close to you as well.

Stay strong and have faith in what the future holds for you; Wednesday can be far more special than merely the “middle of the week”.

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