Monday Daily Love Horoscope

Monday is truly a glorious day as Venus and Neptune align. Make sure you pay close attention to your gut feelings today as you may be more in tune with your intuition and be able to feel and see many of the little things that often go unnoticed on a daily basis. As long as you remain in tune with yourself, the stage will be set for love to dominate this all hollow’s eve. Couples will find themselves more in love than ever before tonight, so plan accordingly with that special someone for an unforgettable experience. If you are single, do not worry, the Capricorn Moon high in the sky tonight means love is in the air for all. You will probably have more than one option tonight, so choose carefully. The right person could have you in tune for a very long time, while the wrong person could leave you confused and hurt. Get to know that new someone, and above all else tonight, trust your instinct!

This Monday also brings special consideration to the following signs:

Pisces:  You have been looking high and low, far and wide, trying to find that special person that brings the light into your life. The time is now to begin doing things a little bit out of the ordinary for you. Try dressing brighter, and talk talking to as many new people as you can tonight. Hiding away, as you have been, will do you no good at all. Tonight could be a very big night for you if you can find the courage to break away from your normal routine.

Gemini: It comes very naturally to you to express yourself in unique and different ways. It is one of the many things that makes you so special. An opportunity is coming soon that will give you the perfect opportunity to do what you do best. Being yourself during this time will give you the best chance you have had in a while of finding that special someone. You must remember not to try too hard and just let your natural instincts guide you to where you need to go. That special someone will see how much you enjoy being you, and will want to immerse themselves into you as well. Playing your cards right in this unique situation will probably lead you to finding the person you were meant to be with.

Leo: The theme of today is being unique, and it is no different for you. You have a big opportunity coming up that will give you the chance to really let your hair down and do something very different. Adventurous choices concerning your love life may in order if you truly want to become unstuck from the rut that you have been in. You must not be afraid to insert some passion into your day today and do something that some may consider outrageous. Things may be a little uncomfortable at first, but by the time you are finished you will have memories that will last a very long time, and perhaps a spark that will last even longer.

Scorpio: Lately you have been having a hard time facing your love life. You have stayed locked away from the world because you just have not had the desire to fix the mess. Today is the day you should emerge from your shadow. If you feel that your relationship is on the rocks, you must be bold and speak your mind today. Do not take any more negativity and even give ultimatums if you feel like they will give you the best shot at sorting through this. It may be a hard day, but one way or another you will come out of this feeling better than you have in a long while. Choosing not to be bold on this day could have lasting consequences that leaves your love life a mess. So take the initiative and put everything on the table, because doing so will give you some very positive results.

Monday is not only the beginning of your week, but the possible start to new romances and unexpected opportunities. Expose yourself to as many alternate paths today as you can; your future will greatly reflect the small decisions you make today!

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